Compatibility Quiz

“Is your relationship showing unhealthy symptoms? Would you like to assess any potential problems in your romantic relationship, to see if your love is heading in the right direction? Why not pay a visit the love doctor by taking a love diagnostic test! It assesses your relationship based on factors like trust, security, conflict resolution and sexual compatibility. Use it to pinpoint danger zones you can work on to avoid blowouts in the future.”

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5 Ways to Better Your Relationship

Why does it seem like keeping a romantic relationship afloat is so difficult toady? In asking around, you’ll find a bunch of different theories trying to explain this trend. Some say all the technology our generation has engulfed itself in has left us detached. Others say that with the struggling economy and the difficulty of the current job market, many let these outside stressors affect their personal relationships. It doesn't have to be that complicated. Maintaining a healthy and loving relationship could turn out simpler than you think when following these key guidelines.

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Smart People, Foolish Choices

Abusive Relationships take many shapes and forms. The most commonly known forms of abuse are verbal and physical but there are other kinds as well. In romantically abusive relationships, usually the abuser yearns to have a sense of control and power in the relationship. Many abusers have similar behavior patterns and characteristic traits that can be recognized as “red flags”. It is highly important to recognize the “red flags” if you feel you might be in an abusive relationship. Abusive relationships, no matter what form, can be extremely harmful to a person’s self-esteem and constantly trying to control their victim’s thoughts and actions, resulting in punishment victims of abuse have that can be verbally or physically directed.

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About Us

Bergen Marriage counseling is a private mental health and chemical dependency practice which has been serving the metropolitan New York area, including Manhattan and Bergen County, New Jersey, for over 25 years. Our Health care professionals include licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, and counselors with expertise in marriage, family, adults, teens, children, hypnosis and substance abuse. We are dedicated to providing quality, goal oriented care tailored to your individual needs by matching the treatment to the patient, not the patient to the treatment. Bergen Marriage Counseling provides warm, highly qualified psychotherapists will ensure that you receive individuated care in a comfortable, confidential setting. We aim to foster healthy, satisfying relationships, communication, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills that will enhance an individual’s quality of life.

Bergen Marriage Counseling has private offices located in Manhattan, NY, Paramus, NJ and Englewood, NJ. We provide our patients with convenient daytime, evening, and weekend hours.