Financial issues

Balancing Financial Issues such as  budgeting overspending  within the marriage

Financial matters can be extremely confusing and frustrating especially if a couple does not agree on the way money is budgeted and spent  within the household. Marriage counseling encourages the couple to openly discuss  their opinions on how money should be spent. No matter how rich or  poor a couple is, one of the constant subjects of martial disagreement is money. Whether it’s over how money is earned, spent, or saved, money arguments are common and affect the relationship because money issues are emotionally charged.

Attitudes towards money are learned in childhood. When spouses are raised with widely differing attitudes toward money, conflict is inevitable. The key is for couples to discuss their views on money and come to an agreement as to how they will make decisions about the handling of the the family money.

A mistake couples often make is to have one spouse in complete control of all family assets. That’s not to say that a spouse with a particular skill in managing money should not use that skill, but that spouse should always discuss with his or her partner what ultimately happens with the money. Marriage counseling, family therapy, or family counseling can alleviate much of the stress caused by financial issues. Counseling and psychotherapy  with a licensed psychologists,psychotherapist, professional counselor, family therapist or psychiatrist. On occasion one or both of the partners or family members might be helped by  medications for depression and anxiety.