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Blended Families and Step Family Problems


Blended Family and Step Family Problems

Family Therapy and Couples Counseling Can Help Ensure Success of the New Expanded Family

In a blended or step family, one or both partners have been married before, and each have lost a spouse through death or divorce. One or both may have children from their previous marriages and once married they will form a new step family that includes children from one or both of their first families.

Studies show at least one-third of all children in the U.S are expected to live in a step family before they reach 18 years of age. The blended family is now a norm for American Society. Due to the fact that each family has lost in some manner step families face many lifestyle adjustments and changes. Fortunately,most of them are able to work out their problems and live together successfully. But it takes careful planning, open discussions of feelings, positive attitudes, mutual respect and patience. While some families make the transition without counseling, seeking family counseling helps and ensures a healthier, smoother, and more successful transition. Those families who seek counseling and couples counseling before the marriage or shortly after will benefit greatly from marriage therapy.




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