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How Marriage Therapy Helps


How Marriage Therapy Helps

Marriage Therapy is conducted by a licensed psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist, or counselor, The focus of marriage therapy is not on the couple’s relationship. It marriage counseling each partner has the opportunity to express his or her feelings in an accepting and non judgmental environment.

Creating a Safe Atmosphere in Marriage Therapy:

In marriage and couples counseling the therapist can help guide you and your partner along the path toward building a safe and responsive connection.It aims to help you identify repetitive negative behavioral patterns, and the feelings that underlie them. The therapist provides a safe atmosphere which enables each partner express those feelings and which facilitates listening and acceptance between partners. The therapist’s role is to help the couple learn how they have become stuck and unable to make the right connection to enable the couple to progress together, and how they can build on their own resources to reconnect. The therapist is also trained to help couples with special issues including anxiety, aggression, substance abuse, infidelity, depression, sexual issues and parenting concerns.

Relationship therapy requires that each person examine his or her own behavior and realize how it positively and negatively affects the relationship. In relationship counseling the focus of the counseling is on the relationship; the relationship is the patient.  To achieve this goal, it is often helpful to meet with each partner individually.Just as individual dance instruction might be necessary in order to help a couple dance more effectively together.

In marriage or relationship counseling a lot of attention is paid to how each party responds to the various issues they are facing. There is no right or wrong way to respond; there are just different ways of responding. Some of them, however, are more effective than others. Some work for the relationship and some do not. These are all issues to examine during the counseling sessions.

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